I am Arjumand Khan recently married, very talented but unemployed. I used to have lucridive job in the banking sector. the salary was great, and being talented and a workaholic I was awarded every increment and bonus that my company dished out. However, I decided to leave the job when I decided to get married. Why? Because even thought everyone insisted including my to be husband and my father, I knew that i couldn’t have a ‘sucessful’ career in banking and have a ‘happily’ married life both at the same time. Why? I’ll tell you.
1. work on 6 days a week (even though the bank’s HR policy proclaimed 5 days a week working schedule
2. i was forced to sit after office hours were over because of workload.
3. no transportation facility provided by the bank
4. managements total unconcern to the idea called WORK LIFE BALANCE. The upper management pretended to care (maybe they really did…difficult to believe it though) but the middle managment scoffed the idea openly
5. my own personality — my ability to take more and more responsibilities without complain, the fact that I am a complete WORKAHOLIC like my father, and my sincere effort to satisfy my clients
6. my minute appitiete — hardly ever had breakfast, skipped too many lunches, sometimes skipped dinner cause I was dead tierd when I got home

but mind you, with all work and no play jake did manage to get incredibily rich with increments and bonuses. however in just two years jake felt she was approaching the burn out phase.

Lots of friends who know my nature warned me from the start that work life balance is the most difficult to achieve while persuing a career. I always believed it was money or growth or visibility in the market. but two years into work I realized that my friends were right.

So just in two years (1 year 10 months), and just two months before my wedding, I said my adious to my employers (after proper process of probation period ofcourse during which time I broke all records of late sittings).

My boss tried his best to make me stay. He promised me to insure I’ll leave at dot 6. That he’d switch my team, give me a different type of work, give me a better (much better) appraisal next year etc etc. But I knew it wouldn’t work out. not with a person like me. i wouldnt be satisfied to leave work half undone, and depend on others to stay late and complete my work.

So i left and thats my story as far as the unemployment status is concerned