being unemployed has given me a lot of time to think about myself. I’v realized that I’m a pretty talented person and deserve to find work on my own terms. i think there is always a great demand for talented people, all I have to do is search out this demand and grab there attention.
My terms are as follows
Work for home

I’v been browsing the net like crazy since a few days to see if I can find a good oppurtunity to work from home. But so far I’v come to the conclusion finding a job on the net is probably tougher than the job itself. For one the net is full of GIBBERISH! SEO and Google Adsense has really played havoc with the concept of advertising and online job searchers seem to be a lucrid target for this type of advertising. Just search working from home or online data entry or freelance writing on the net and see for yourself what I mean

So since yesterday I decided that while I search for an oppurtunity to work from home. I’ll maintain this blog to document my efforts to atleast let other newbies like me realize there are more like them out there.