Last week I made an account on a site the site allows a free signup to both freelance service providers and people who require freelancers. I signed up to see if i can make some bucks through freelance writing.

I did freelance research writing during university. Operated through another university student who had her own freelancing business. Was paid in local currency, enjoyed the assignment. Had a great reservoir of research journals available to me from a web portal the university subscribed too so was never short of information. I didn’t have to comb around the freelancing sites for the write project or bear the risk of non-payment from project owners or maintain an attractive enough profile/record to insure i won the bids for high paying projects– all that was NJ’s headache (NJ being the research writing business owner). Alas that was an easy life! allows me 30 free bids. i bid for 2 projects so far. One actually emailed me back because he liked my sample work but haven’t heard from him since then. Am planning on bidding for more projects but I think I need to have a proper profile and sample works so that I can also win the bid. Secondly, the projects pay so LESS! most average $1.5 per 500 word. Thats almost a single spaced type written page. Sounds like an unbearably low paying job doesn’t it!
Other than research writing. other options are available to writers. some of them are as follows
1. article writing
2. content writing
3. blog writing
4. technical writing
5. posting comments or posts on forums and discussion boards