The development towards making money online has been zilch. I have signed up on another research writing site . Had to fill out this never ending form and provide my resume and sample work. Its been a week since I applied but haven’t heard a response from them yet. Would be nice if I get recruited by them because they pay around $6 to $ 20 per page.

Googled the site to see if it were fake or had a reputation of skipping payments to its writers. Didn’t find any such evidence. However found some interesting comments on various forums about the acedemia-research falsely advertising itself to based in the states even though its based somewhere in Ukrain. However I also found people retorting these statements giving their own evidence to prove their point. Since I’ve become aware that commenting itself has become a paid freelance job as a way to create traffic i view all these comments as garbage generated either by the forum owners or academia-research itself.
found another interesting piece of information just now while googling academia-research right now. Coincidently the information became available only about two hour ago. That acedmia-research gets average traffic of approx 2,811 every month which leads the site to be ranked 437,408 out of the top 1,000,000 websites.
Anyways thats about it for now.