Google Adsense is an amazing device used for target advertising. Its initial development was done by a company called Applied Semantics. However, the company was bought out at a wooping $102 million dollars by Google after which the clever people at Google and the ex-employees of Applied Semantics (now part of the google family) turned Adsense into a phenomena. Adsense is a unique idea. it has turned internet advertising into a monopoly.
Adsense is a technology that senses or comprehends the content of a site and shows ads related to the context. It does so by picking common words, related words etc etc in the site. Awesome stuff for website publishers who want to earn through advertising. If I as a publisher have adsense on my site the advertisements appearing on the website will be closely related to the content on the website. For example if my site is about interior decoration the ads in my site will also be on interior decoration. Therefore there will be more chance of people clicking on the ad and hence me making some money. Secondly there is no worry about risk of non-payment, google takes that responsibility.
As a university assignment I had made a blog Karachi Landmarks on this same URL and added google adsense to it. However my google adsense application was rejected due to a broken link present on my site. Beware, once a google adsense account is rejected it can pretty difficult to make them accept that account later. The only way is to appeal through an appeal form and wait for their response. I corrected the problem on my site and appealed but nothing happened.
So IF your planning on putting google adsense on your website make sure of the following
2. no hidden links on website
3. no clicking your own ads or subscribing to pay to click services. they know everything!
4. no content in website that incites people to click on ads
5. content should be original
6. content should make sense. excessive use of keywords NOT ALLOWED
Once you have google adsense up and running you can make some money by insuring the following
1. have a clear theme for your site and for your page to insure some good target advertising
2. apply as many search engine optimization techniques as possible to insure your website generates some traffic without turning your site into gibberish.
3. Keep updating your site
4. Make it cool and attractive
Anyways so much talk about google adsense and not a penny earned. But dont think i’m just talk and no action. I’v made a new google account specifically for google adsense. Am also going to export this blog to wordpress so that i have a new URL. Yes its going to be a fresh start lets see how it goes…