Do you remember Uncle Fester in the Adams family and how he used to enjoy blowing himself up? When I used to watched that cartoon as a youngster I was most intrigued with Uncle Fester. He was so unreal to me. Never thought that there was anyone on the planet who would blow themselves up but actually get thrills out of it. Only a few years later I heard about suicide bombings and was shocked. Could someone possibly wear explosives around their body and blow themselves  up just to insure maximum damage? Each new incident manages to confuse me and puzzle me even more especially since Pakistan has become infested by a never ending supply of suicide bombers. WHERE ARE THEY COMING FROM? Only two days ago a suicide bomber blew himself up at a volley ball match at Lucky Marwat a place near to Peshawar. Todays new headline screamed the death toll from this suicide attack has reached 91.

It is so difficult to imagine the sick sick mind of a suicide bomber and much sicker mind of the person who induces and then helps these suicide bombers to commit their heinous final act.It is impossible to believe that any true Muslim or Pakistanis would not only commit suicide but also take lives of so many Muslim brothers while doing it.

The concentration of incidences of suicide bombing has become so much that they can no longer be attributed to an isolated organization of maniacs brainwashing uneducated naive boys to commit these acts. The incidences are too many and too well coordinated and done in such cold blood and lack of emotion that it seems that its a work of a large large network of people with large amount of money to spare and complete indifference to Pakistan or Muslims.

Suppose Uncle Festers becomes available to comment about whats going on in the self explosion department these days. I’m sure even he’ll be shocked out of his wits and quite disturbed to see the use of his little hobby.

Anyway thats all from me for now.