Its been quiet sometime since I posted. A lot has happened since than.For one I’v become a mother of a beautiful daughter. She was born on 19 Jun 2010. She’s going to be 9 month old on the 19th.

This little girl has been the focus of my life since the past nine months. Shes a good child, Alhumdulillah. By good I mean predictable. As shes growing older shes becoming much easier to understand and much easier to handle

Hamdan and I agreed on the name Nabiha about two three months before she was born, while strolling outside our house on a warm summer night. Nabiha is an arabic word and it means “intelligent”.

When she was born she looked exactely like me. and later she started resembling my father and brother. But now she has started looking a bit like her dad especially when she smiles. Sometimes I wonder what she will look like when she grows into a teenager.

Nabiha has learned to roll over and sit without support and even stand with support. She hasn’t learned to sit up or crawl yet. She has two pretty pearly bottom teeth which she shows off with her charming open mouthed smile. Nabiha’s favorite hobby is to suck her thumb or throw things on the floor.

90% of my brain power is being utilized in worrying about Nabiha’s diet and sleep.