If u want a woman’s head to turn to mush, ask her to get married and become a housewife. Well ok I’m not saying housewives are dumb. But so far my experience is telling me that handling domestic affairs with no hobby and no social life has slowed down my processor from a core 2 duo to a pentium 1. I’m a business student, an ex-banker, freelance writer, never thought my brain cells would stiffen up like this. I can’t carry out an intelligent conversation about anything not even domestic affairs. Even my jokes have turned from mostly witty and sometimes lame to mostly lame and never witty.

The only hobbies I’v ever had were reading and writing and since I’v gotten married I’v developed a immense allergy to them. The last novel I read was “a case of exploding mangoes” before nabiha was born so its must be about two years since I read that. I’v been buying nice wholesome works of writing in the hope that I’ll be coming around to reading them but basically they are all lined up glossy covered in my overstuffed bookcase. Last week I bought two more novels. However this time i deliberately chose the most air headed pieces of work I could find, the sort that would have made my blood boil a few years ago. since then I’v been forcing myself to read them to at least have the satisfaction of having read something before this year ends. But I’m delighted that I still find what I’m reading total see are aay pee!

As for writing, oh Lord don’t bring that up. I start writing about a concept in mind. I jot down a sentence than I stare at it. Then I modify it until it becomes a sentence about an entirely new concept. So I rework on the same sentence to tame it back into what I was trying to say initially but it seems to keep changing itself into a new idea each time. And since I don’t want to sound like a ranting schizophrenic even to myself let alone on a published blog, I just give up. Yes, I give up after the first multi-dimensional eight lined sentence.

Starplus soaps: Hobby for the numbing housewife

If you want a woman’s brain to turn to mush make her watch the soaps on starplus. I could not sit through a single scene of soap a few years back. I couldn’t sit through a conversation between two people discussing A soup. and here I am now watching soaps like I will die if I miss an episode. what frustrates me is that I still hate them very much but I watch them because they are the only thing I can follow without working brain too much. Something that gives me to fill my day with, write home about that sort of thing.

I really hope all this is a phase nothing a little brain exercise can’t fix. Maybe if I start working or find a constructive hobby the electric signals in my brain will start zapping around like used to instead of slouching around feeling bored and sorry about themselves.