Found a very nice book finally. Something not serious but not completely benign. ok actually its quiet benign but the writing is crisp and upbeat so the novel’s turning out fun to read. The books titled “Housewife in Trouble” and is fifth in the Housewife series by Alison Penton Harper. I haven’t read the first four in the series yet and I’ll get around to reading all of them when I’m done with this one.

This book finds the main character a widow recently remarried to a very rich and charming dude, but still coming to grips with the notion that marriage would destroy her independence. Her last marriage had been such a bad experience that she has decided to use her brains instead of her heart dealing with her second husband.

what i love about this book is the interesting characterization of this “housewife” . She is actually one warm person at heart but her bad experience has left her suspicious and nervous. she has gotten into the marriage but she is very uncomfortable about sharing her private space and changing her lifestyle once again with another person who may or may not turn out to be the right person for her afterall.