Just experimented with my blog theme. Found out you can change almost anything. Don’t really need to pay $30 to be allowed to make changes (not that I know much of CSS). Reason why I’m looking into all this is….. drum roll!!

I need to get another blog on board. This one will actually have purpose. This one will have its own domain name! I’m so psyched!

Actually I’ve been working on an application for Android phones and tablets.I started working on it a year ago when I decided to experiment with programming and choose Android as my platform. At that time I never dreamt that I’d manage to develop a complete application let alone get a hang of a completely new programming language. I have a business degree with a bi-major in Finance and IT. I have taken a few programming courses but not enough to make me a professional programmer. But my husband who knows programming said it’s all about aptitude and developing your skill. Obviously he was right.

My application is called Expense Manager (Lite). It will soon be out on GooglePlay as a free app. This app allows you to

1. set up your own budget with a start date, end date and an amount you plan to spend within this time.

2. log expenses as they  occur

3. analyze how your budget is being utilised. (For example are you already over the budget limit, if not based on your average expenditure are you going to cross your budget limit, etc).

4. and finally, you can view a summary of how you are spending your budget by date and by categories.

As life goes we are juggling multiple budgets at one time (college budget, home renovation budget. monthly home expenses etc). So This app allows you to maintain multiple budgets.

So that’s what I’ve been up to for the past one year. Learning, then experimenting, then doing. And now that its done. I have to publish it. I have given my app around to a few people for yet another round of testing. Once that’s done Expense Manager(Lite) will be out for everyone to download.

That bring me back to why I was experimenting with the themes. I have to make a proper website to showcase my app. I’m planning to do it on WordPress. Its going to cost me $19 to have a .com website hosted by WordPress. I’ve already thought of an appropriate name for the site. Now all I need is my husbands credit card. Just kidding I also need the following

1. Some content icon, header, tagline, text

2. A structure for my site. I want to have an about page, blog page and a page about the app and its features, and a page about updates and changes to my app (technically called a change log) and finally a contact us page with my email address. I guess I’ve already brainstormed my structure here

Anyway learning and developing has been great so far. The next step is publishing. I really hope I’ll be posting more often to update about my experience with publishing on GooglePlay.