Ramadan, the most important month of the year is here. All of us (except the kids) wake up before dawn for breakfast(sehri) and abstain from eating or drinking anything the whole day. The fast is finally broken with snacks and dinner(iftar) when the sun begins to set.

Ramadan is the only month that our family has meals on the same table. It’s the only month I get free mornings and afternoons as all the adults in house don’t have breakfast or lunch. Its the only month where our BPs are too low for arguments and fights. It’s the only month the kids are on the best behavior since iftar treats are a great motivation for reform. All in all ramadan is my favorite time of the year.

Religion and moral values are the hot topic in the house all through the month. Husband discusses the bayan’s (speech) of the Imam in the masjid or what he read in a book or some verse from the Quran. I discuss fundamental moral concepts of Islam with the kids. This year discussions are revolving around speaking and supporting truth, helping others, caring for your parents and neighbours and not speaking ill of another behind their back. Nabiha who is almost seven is participating most excitedly in all the discussions. Giving lots of examples from her school life. Abdullah who is four, listens distractedly and doesn’t have much to say as yet.

Ramadan also comes with its fair share of crafting projects and activities. Our first activity was creating a Ramadan calendar with the lunar dates, gregorian dates and the dawn and dusk timings. We used the leftover invitation cards for my wedding (still plenty left 8-O) and packing foam of some new furniture we got for the base. The calendar turned out great. Along the way Nabiha learned how to read the sombre looking ramadan timing chart and Abdullah learned to stay still during the preparation of each date card so that he could paste the final border to decorate the card.