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Its a vagabond's view on everything and adsense — January 1, 2010 and adsense

Alas, does not allow users to advertise on their blogs using adsense. Even if you pay and get your own domain name like you still wont be allowed to have google adsense on your account. the only way you can have google adsense is by signing up and PAYING for the VIP program.

Ofcourse if you are hosting your site on your own server with your own domain name on you can subscribe to adsense.

Anyway I was unaware of this piece of information so like a naive little rabbit I hopped over and signed up for google adsense with my new google email account. Ofcourse, it got REJECTED! I hate rejections even if they happen due to my own fault.

Anyway my new goal so far is just enjoy blogging and see how it goes.

Google Adsense — December 30, 2009

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is an amazing device used for target advertising. Its initial development was done by a company called Applied Semantics. However, the company was bought out at a wooping $102 million dollars by Google after which the clever people at Google and the ex-employees of Applied Semantics (now part of the google family) turned Adsense into a phenomena. Adsense is a unique idea. it has turned internet advertising into a monopoly.
Adsense is a technology that senses or comprehends the content of a site and shows ads related to the context. It does so by picking common words, related words etc etc in the site. Awesome stuff for website publishers who want to earn through advertising. If I as a publisher have adsense on my site the advertisements appearing on the website will be closely related to the content on the website. For example if my site is about interior decoration the ads in my site will also be on interior decoration. Therefore there will be more chance of people clicking on the ad and hence me making some money. Secondly there is no worry about risk of non-payment, google takes that responsibility.
As a university assignment I had made a blog Karachi Landmarks on this same URL and added google adsense to it. However my google adsense application was rejected due to a broken link present on my site. Beware, once a google adsense account is rejected it can pretty difficult to make them accept that account later. The only way is to appeal through an appeal form and wait for their response. I corrected the problem on my site and appealed but nothing happened.
So IF your planning on putting google adsense on your website make sure of the following
2. no hidden links on website
3. no clicking your own ads or subscribing to pay to click services. they know everything!
4. no content in website that incites people to click on ads
5. content should be original
6. content should make sense. excessive use of keywords NOT ALLOWED
Once you have google adsense up and running you can make some money by insuring the following
1. have a clear theme for your site and for your page to insure some good target advertising
2. apply as many search engine optimization techniques as possible to insure your website generates some traffic without turning your site into gibberish.
3. Keep updating your site
4. Make it cool and attractive
Anyways so much talk about google adsense and not a penny earned. But dont think i’m just talk and no action. I’v made a new google account specifically for google adsense. Am also going to export this blog to wordpress so that i have a new URL. Yes its going to be a fresh start lets see how it goes…
Signed up for research writing — December 27, 2009

Signed up for research writing

The development towards making money online has been zilch. I have signed up on another research writing site . Had to fill out this never ending form and provide my resume and sample work. Its been a week since I applied but haven’t heard a response from them yet. Would be nice if I get recruited by them because they pay around $6 to $ 20 per page.

Googled the site to see if it were fake or had a reputation of skipping payments to its writers. Didn’t find any such evidence. However found some interesting comments on various forums about the acedemia-research falsely advertising itself to based in the states even though its based somewhere in Ukrain. However I also found people retorting these statements giving their own evidence to prove their point. Since I’ve become aware that commenting itself has become a paid freelance job as a way to create traffic i view all these comments as garbage generated either by the forum owners or academia-research itself.
found another interesting piece of information just now while googling academia-research right now. Coincidently the information became available only about two hour ago. That acedmia-research gets average traffic of approx 2,811 every month which leads the site to be ranked 437,408 out of the top 1,000,000 websites.
Anyways thats about it for now.

Freelance research writing — December 18, 2009

Freelance research writing

Last week I made an account on a site the site allows a free signup to both freelance service providers and people who require freelancers. I signed up to see if i can make some bucks through freelance writing.

I did freelance research writing during university. Operated through another university student who had her own freelancing business. Was paid in local currency, enjoyed the assignment. Had a great reservoir of research journals available to me from a web portal the university subscribed too so was never short of information. I didn’t have to comb around the freelancing sites for the write project or bear the risk of non-payment from project owners or maintain an attractive enough profile/record to insure i won the bids for high paying projects– all that was NJ’s headache (NJ being the research writing business owner). Alas that was an easy life! allows me 30 free bids. i bid for 2 projects so far. One actually emailed me back because he liked my sample work but haven’t heard from him since then. Am planning on bidding for more projects but I think I need to have a proper profile and sample works so that I can also win the bid. Secondly, the projects pay so LESS! most average $1.5 per 500 word. Thats almost a single spaced type written page. Sounds like an unbearably low paying job doesn’t it!
Other than research writing. other options are available to writers. some of them are as follows
1. article writing
2. content writing
3. blog writing
4. technical writing
5. posting comments or posts on forums and discussion boards
Working from home — December 16, 2009

Working from home

being unemployed has given me a lot of time to think about myself. I’v realized that I’m a pretty talented person and deserve to find work on my own terms. i think there is always a great demand for talented people, all I have to do is search out this demand and grab there attention.
My terms are as follows
Work for home

I’v been browsing the net like crazy since a few days to see if I can find a good oppurtunity to work from home. But so far I’v come to the conclusion finding a job on the net is probably tougher than the job itself. For one the net is full of GIBBERISH! SEO and Google Adsense has really played havoc with the concept of advertising and online job searchers seem to be a lucrid target for this type of advertising. Just search working from home or online data entry or freelance writing on the net and see for yourself what I mean

So since yesterday I decided that while I search for an oppurtunity to work from home. I’ll maintain this blog to document my efforts to atleast let other newbies like me realize there are more like them out there.