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On paper — October 27, 2016

On paper

Card Design for an app
A potential look of the cards in my app

I drew out how a card in app could look like. Sorry for the messy writing and drawing. I can hardly hold a pencil straight. Can you guess what my app is about.

Reviewed on — May 15, 2013

Reviewed on

A short review on by Abhimanyu Ghoshal is very encouraging.“Here’s one for those who swear by a budget: VanillaUtils’ Expense Manager lets you track your spending against a monthly limit, a stipulated amount while you’re on vacation or a business trip. You can even use this for budgeted projects such as home remodeling. A simple pie chart and listing of your expense categories help you get a clear perspective on your spending. Not bad for a free app that looks great to boot.”Thank you!

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Holo Theme noticed — March 29, 2013
The forum for Programmers: Stack Overflow — October 30, 2012

The forum for Programmers: Stack Overflow

I’m not a forum person. When I’m looking for answers the last thing I want to do is post on a forum and explain my issue to a bunch of strangers. When I do post a question I usually get no reply or replies that are as close to solving my problem as Plato is from Mars. Another issue is getting through all the hassle of signing up and remembering your password. And finally dealing with the junk mail.

However, while doing development for my Android app I came across the ultimate forum For what SEO is worth, StackOverflow is usually on top of the results to my programming related queries on Google. Thats the reason I ended up signing up. I almost always get answers to my queries on the forum from the already posted discussions. Only thrice  have i needed to post a question and all three times I got the answer within two days. Its a haven for developers.

Another awesome thing about the forum is that signing up is easy. You can use your Google, Yahoo or Facebook account to signup to the forum or you can register yourself  for “StackExchange” id if you don’t want to use your email/social network accounts. In fact, you can use the previously uploaded globally recognized avatar from for your avatar on the forum. Perfect isn’t it.

As for unwanted emails. I have none in my inbox. No emails from StackOverflow except maybe to notify me that I signed up. No email to tell me I have posted a question or gotten a reply or how much I’m missed or my reputation has advanced or this or that topic would interest me. I’m inbox is safe and empty and I’m content and satisfied.

So to all developers especially newbies like me you’ll most probably find an answer at StackOverflow.

Teacher’s Assistant? — January 13, 2010

Teacher’s Assistant?


I’v got good news. I’v been recruited as a teacher’s assistant. My job is to compile a presentation around a hundred slides for each 3 hour class. The course is pretty tough Financial Engineering and I’m definitely under paid. But I’v agreed to do it due to the following reason

1) will help me keep in touch with finance

2) will be working with a friend

3) I’m finally working from HOME!!!

The only problem is that I don’t know how I’ll mention this on my resume. This TA business is an informal arrangement done between the teacher and me, not something that would be recognized by the university where these classes are being held at.  So what I’m gaining out of the work is some money and lots of knowledge but no experience in real terms:)

Working from home — December 16, 2009

Working from home

being unemployed has given me a lot of time to think about myself. I’v realized that I’m a pretty talented person and deserve to find work on my own terms. i think there is always a great demand for talented people, all I have to do is search out this demand and grab there attention.
My terms are as follows
Work for home

I’v been browsing the net like crazy since a few days to see if I can find a good oppurtunity to work from home. But so far I’v come to the conclusion finding a job on the net is probably tougher than the job itself. For one the net is full of GIBBERISH! SEO and Google Adsense has really played havoc with the concept of advertising and online job searchers seem to be a lucrid target for this type of advertising. Just search working from home or online data entry or freelance writing on the net and see for yourself what I mean

So since yesterday I decided that while I search for an oppurtunity to work from home. I’ll maintain this blog to document my efforts to atleast let other newbies like me realize there are more like them out there.