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Contentment and Routine — September 25, 2017

Contentment and Routine

I am most amazed at my transformation. I have always been the spontaneous and unpredictable type of a person. I hate routine. I start feeling depressed if my schedule remains similar three days in a row. Believe me, its a quite a challenge to raise kids with a personality like that. I used to look at other people and wonder how they manage to stay sane with just living life one chore after another. But here I am, all of sudden, completely content with everything. The transformation has been coming on since a few months. I didn’t even realize the changes initially. One day I caught myself filled with joy for completing my metal checklist of my chores. “This is not a moment of joy”, I admonished myself, “Did you really achieve anything today?”. The new me replied “Yes, I did. I achieved an evening to relax with my kids and family and that is a big achievement.”

Maybe it started around the time I went to Umrah. I did pray to Almighty in front of Kabbah. I prayed “God, help me be content with the life you have assigned to me.” Contentment what a beautiful blessing it is. I think the best of all the blessing. There is no happiness without contentment.