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Contentment and Routine — September 25, 2017

Contentment and Routine

I am most amazed at my transformation. I have always been the spontaneous and unpredictable type of a person. I hate routine. I start feeling depressed if my schedule remains similar three days in a row. Believe me, its a quite a challenge to raise kids with a personality like that. I used to look at other people and wonder how they manage to stay sane with just living life one chore after another. But here I am, all of sudden, completely content with everything. The transformation has been coming on since a few months. I didn’t even realize the changes initially. One day I caught myself filled with joy for completing my metal checklist of my chores. “This is not a moment of joy”, I admonished myself, “Did you really achieve anything today?”. The new me replied “Yes, I did. I achieved an evening to relax with my kids and family and that is a big achievement.”

Maybe it started around the time I went to Umrah. I did pray to Almighty in front of Kabbah. I prayed “God, help me be content with the life you have assigned to me.” Contentment what a beautiful blessing it is. I think the best of all the blessing. There is no happiness without contentment.

Origami — June 13, 2017


The kids and I tried our hands at origami today. Making origami objects is a great way to encourage children to use the fine motors in those adorable fingers of theirs. It requires very limited resources (just paper) and hardly any time to set up. Origami can be enjoyed at any age. So sibs of different ages and parents can all experience the soul satisfying process of folding paper and creating little pieces of art without anyone feeling left out. Simple origami designs like hats, sail boats and houses are excellent choices for a budding origamist aged 4. A more serious contender of 7 can take more challenging objects like dolphins, crabs, tulips, or boxes. And a parent can attempt a dragon.

the video is from Jo Nakashima – Origami Tutorials on youTube.

The takeaways from crafting origami are many. First of all the fine motors get some exercise. Second kids learn to follow instruction. Both video instructions and picture instruction have their advantages and both should be tried. Third, it’s good for their emotions — curiosity, patience, commitment, achievement, these little humans will learn to deal with all of these. And finally, after all the hard work kids can have fun with their creations and use them as props in their game play.

The kids and I created some very beautiful things.

I usually find difficulty in following the pictorial origami instructions. However, there are so many channels of origami artists on youTube with video instructions, which the kids and I found much easier to follow. So all those out there who feel origami is a lost battle, don’t lose hope just yet, try out video instructions.

Good luck with origami crafting!