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Contentment and Routine — September 25, 2017

Contentment and Routine

I am most amazed at my transformation. I have always been the spontaneous and unpredictable type of a person. I hate routine. I start feeling depressed if my schedule remains similar three days in a row. Believe me, its a quite a challenge to raise kids with a personality like that. I used to look at other people and wonder how they manage to stay sane with just living life one chore after another. But here I am, all of sudden, completely content with everything. The transformation has been coming on since a few months. I didn’t even realize the changes initially. One day I caught myself filled with joy for completing my metal checklist of my chores. “This is not a moment of joy”, I admonished myself, “Did you really achieve anything today?”. The new me replied “Yes, I did. I achieved an evening to relax with my kids and family and that is a big achievement.”

Maybe it started around the time I went to Umrah. I did pray to Almighty in front of Kabbah. I prayed “God, help me be content with the life you have assigned to me.” Contentment what a beautiful blessing it is. I think the best of all the blessing. There is no happiness without contentment.

Driftwood — July 13, 2016


Been drifting around like driftwood on the ocean of this life

Once I struggled for direction but got nowhere that seemed right

I searched for the ship wreck, the place that I called home

But then I found it to be a shipwreck and no more

So now I drift like driftwood, the waves carry me where they want

They know all about the ocean, I follow in their accord

Hide tides, they will surely break me, but they don’t

and I continue alone, only I know what I went through

And on the days, when the currents caress and kiss

I wonder, if I am ever missed


I think if I float a few more days, I’ll come by a boat or raft

That they may be in need of wood, and then I’ll be on my way

Or maybe I’ll see a sandy shore and I’ll lodge myself there

Watch the algae grow upon me, and that’s where I will stay

If there is purpose to my life, it is to explore

If there is a reason I survive, it is because I hope



The horizon stretches out in welcome, possibilities abound

So there I go a’drifting on the ocean of my life


VanillaUtils – Expense Manager stats so far — February 24, 2013

VanillaUtils – Expense Manager stats so far


2 from Pakistan (my lovely mother in law and my sister) – Both Asus Nexus 7

1 from Canada (maybe my brother in law) – Ruby

Feeling a little disappointed. I was hoping for at least 5 downloads on the first day from friends and family. But the issue is most people I know are using Apples or Nokias.

Another problem is that when you search “Expense Manager” on Google Play from the computer. My app appears on the fourth page. Thats terrible. No random person will go to the fourth page to download a random app. Worse still when you search “Expense Manager” from a mobile device only the first 500 apps appear and my application is not in it! Ofcourse if anyone searches my developer name “vanillautils” on GooglePlay from mobile or computer they will  get my app pronto. But no random person in the world will search vanillautils.

Husband is finding my sad face very entertaining. He is quiet is positive. He is expecting a few downloads from his friends when he goes to work tomorrow. Lets see how it goes.

Going forward, the only solution I can think of is doing some SEO optimization to get my app to appear on the first two pages of GooglePlay. But I have to see how it will be done. A blog I read quoted to tips

1. Using the right keywords in the GooglePlay app listing page

2. Getting Vanillautils and Expense Manager reviewed (I guess that would mean more links to my page) on other sites

Other than that I have to start work on charts and graphs for my Expense Manager. I have already downloaded the aChartEngine library a popular library for making graphs and charts. Going to tweak the demo they have provided to see how to make pie charts, bar charts and line graphs.

So this is the story so far. Looking forward for some comments from the readers:)