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What I didn’t do on NYE — January 11, 2012

What I didn’t do on NYE

Here Iam with an extremely belated post about what I did on New Years Eve rather what I wished I did and didn’t manage to do. I place reason for this ten day delay on my ambitious onenhalf year old and the fact that I live in joint family where I’m busy in some house chore ALL DAY LONG!

Anyway I still deserve to tell what happened on my new year. This is my third new year since I got married. I was pregnant on my first new year and I don’t even remember what it was like so it was definitely not memorable. On the next 31/12 I was at my mums place to spend the weekend their with a six month Nabiha. That night H and I both fell asleep without even wishing HNY to each other on the phone. That year I had decided that DH and I would really make the next NY very special.

And this is what happened. I got early on 31 dec 2011 like really early and tried my level best to get every one through breakfast and lunch early (which is 6 people including myself, since my inlaws live with us) so that DH and I could sit quietly in our veranda on the cold winter morning and look at some 2011 pictures and discuss the NY reslutions in the afternoon. Somehow the chores dragged on and on and when I came back to the room after wrapping up everything both H and Nabiha were far into a blissful afternoon nap.

But I wasn’t giving up this easily so I dolled up and changed into a new dress around 5. DH and I finally managed to exchange a few pleasantries over tea when he woke up. Soon he had to rush of for Maghrib prayer as dusk began to fall and do some grocery shopping. By the time he got back it was time for Isha and some other errands he had to run. So he rushed back out just as he came in. He returned around 8 only half hour before dinner.I unceremoniously shoved Nabiha’s dinner at him and requested him to feed her while I set out the dinner for the family. I was feeling pretty low and irritated by now. Whats the fun in marriage if you can’t even have a quiet moment with your husband to talk on the last day of the year. But H brightened me up when he proposed he to share a cup of coffee and KitKat Chuncky (which he slyly produced from his pocket) over a game of scrabble when Nabiha falls asleep.

H was as bent on making this day special as I! I felt so grateful and in love. But Nabiha had other plans. I haven’t seen her so active and demanding physical exercise as that night. She wanted wrestle, jump on her parents, climb and tumble of the pillows, pushed around in her play box, climb up and down the bed. An hour of constant play time and H and I were ready to call it a day. But Nabiha was all set to see the next year with her own eyes before going to sleep.

The funny thing is H and I can’t really talk when Nabiha’s in the room. she creates enough ding to drown out a bomb blast if  we share a conversation longer than 10 words. She either begin a mantra of “Ami” (mother) or “Abu”( (father) with a pitch that can make the ear drums ache. So all we could share were a few words and a lot of consoling glances. By 11:30 Nabiha was having a hysterical chatter with herself. Obviously, was very excited about the new year and was adamant to see the 2012 with her own eyes.

At 12 we listened to the crackers and gunfire and watched nabiha’s eyes widen with wonder. She came close to me and gripped my arm while the sounds of the celebrations lasted. And when it was over she smiled at me and said “ahaaa” (which means wow in our language). H and I cuddled Nabiha tightly and wished each other and our little charmer (still in silent awe over what she had heard) best for the next year. Exhausted with all the playtime we promptly laid down to go to sleep. H was the first to doze off, than Nabiha and finally me:)