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Resigning — October 24, 2016


Ok so I am resigning from my job. Actually I have resigned verbally but it will be official when my resignation notice is signed. Hopefully that will be done by Monday. I’ve been working for this company as a data analyst since February 2015. My decision to resign is correct, I am quite sure of it. I will be regretting this decision later, in a few weeks. I am quite sure of this at well.

Why did I decide to resign in the first place? I leave my kids at my moms place and I was not entirely satisfied with this arrangement. In Pakistan, well I don’t know about Pakistan. In Karachi, daycares is a rare luxury only the richest can afford. Even if I could afford it, there is not a single daycare in my area. So my one and only option was to leave the kids at my moms.

Why will I regret resigning? Very simple I have too much energy to be contained with the housekeeping routine and rearing children (though the later is quiet exhausting). I want to learn, explore and apply my skills.

So I am back to square one on this blog. I think my initial posts were about working from home . I guess that’s all I will be talking about from now on.