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Picturebook: A Busy Day — February 2, 2014

Picturebook: A Busy Day

Get it on Google PlayPicturebook: A Busy Day

Finally have another working app on Android. This time its a Picture book for kids with pages that can curl and flip!  Would really appreciate feedback.

App animations are a bit slow at the moment which I am working on at the moment. Also working on some other exciting features for this app.

Google Play: Download Expense Manager — February 23, 2013

Google Play: Download Expense Manager

Android app on Google Play

An Android app to get a grasp of your expenses and budgets. Makes budget planning so simple anyone can do it. Create a budget plan, add expenses as they occur and analyze your budget performance.

– Create multiple budget plans. Don’t worry about accuracy you can edit your budget later.
– Easy to use expense manager to add, edit or remove expenses.
– Organize expenses by category or by date
– View a summary of your spending
– Analyze how your budget is doing. Have your expenses crossed your budget limit? If not will you cross it before the budget period ends? How much are you spending per day on average? How much you should be spending to avoid a budget overflow.

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